EP 2: Turning Negativity Into Opportunities For Your Business

Motivation Monday: Where leaders come to get ideas about motivating their team.

On this week’s episode, I dive into negativity and how it can impact your business.
Watch to learn how you can turn your negativity into an opportunity.

Avoiding negativity seems like common sense. Instead of talking to your team about negative things and how it’s affecting you and your team and your business, it’s important to realize that leaders should talk about the positive aspects instead. You need to be the leader in your company and know that there is always a positive solution to any negative in your business!

For example…you may feel negative because your sales are stagnant or decreasing due to a slow economy. But is the traffic of your website going down? Are your leads decreasing? There may be negative external factors surrounding your business but there are always opportunities to look forward to.

When you’re motivating your team, make sure you make it clear that there are opportunities in your business – not just failure. Motivate them! Don’t talk about things that they already know, like bad weather causing slow sales.

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About The Author
- Paul began his own agency, Potratz Advertising, in the early 2000s. He started off with no resources of assistance from other established small businesses. For a few years in the beginning of his entrepreneurship journey, he traveled by car throughout the United States to sell his services to potential customers. Now, Potratz Advertising has many clients in the U.S. and Canada, and over 100,000 subscribers to our weekly podcast: Think Tank Tuesday. Paul's advertising agency is securely established in the automotive industry and we're furthering our success by branching out into other industries. Paul himself travels throughout the U.S. and Canada speaking at public events such as ARCanada, NADA, and other conferences. Email Paul at Paul@ppadv.com or check out his agency at www.ppadv.com

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