About Paul – Paul Potratz

Hi, I’m Paul Potratz— a pisces with a penchant for super cars and german cameras. My two biggest weaknesses are my Italian Mastiffs, Enzo and Leo, and if I’m drinking at all— you can bet it’s a Malbec. None of that probably has anything to do with what brought you here, but starting off my bio in the same way everyone else does would be a deceit, as I don’t do anything like others do.

But let’s get to what’s important— why you are here. You’re unhappy with something; be it your current advertising strategies, your dwindling leads or ability to handle them, your social presence or lack thereof; the list goes on and on. Or- you’re not facing any current struggles but you know there’s always room for improvement.

A little bit about you...

What differentiates you from those that aren’t here is that you’re not willing to settle for your business. You’re constantly searching for new, progressive ways of doing things and that’s what brought you here today.g to settle for your business.

Here’s where I separate the talkers from the doers— if you’re not willing to put every bit of you into your business, even your face... then you’re in the wrong place. What do I mean by that? Allow me to tell you a story...

A little bit about me…

I started my first multi-million dollar company in 2003; a full service digital ad agency when the average budget business owners were willing to allocate for online advertising was three percent. Fast forward nearly two decades and that’s far from the case.

Despite that, I had a feeling the digital wave in its current state couldn’t last forever… and apparently I was right.

As business owners, it’s time to change our game plans.

Today, 70% of consumers don’t trust the ads they see and almost half find brands to be self-serving and intentionally deceiving. These issues are in direct response to modern digital advertising practices; and you can’t blame consumers.

Things like clickbait culture bleeding trust, aggressive retargeting tactics repeatedly shoving sales pitches down throats and the emergence of ‘fake news’ putting fear in us all has soured digital advertising for both business owners and consumers.

Watching these trends over the last two decades, it’s clear advertisers got greedy as they watched traffic rates skyrocket, forgetting all about their intended purpose… to drive sales!

Most couldn’t recognize that it’s not about clicks; it’s about engagement and shares— those are the metrics that result in REAL revenue. Here’s the thing that took me a little longer to catch on to… people don’t share sales pitches.

It’s not enough to be there, you have to be IT.

In order for my company to succeed (and any brand in today’s digital landscape) I had to put my face forward in attempts to reclaim any trust-lost, while positioning myself as the guy who knows what he’s talking about. This meant curating a unique identity that would separate me from the crowd my audience had grown skeptical of.

Here’s how I do it...

By making noise; creating engaging, informative and shareable content that does my advertising for me!

I started my vlog 8 years ago and since have grown to have a following of over 100,000 regular viewers; earning business for my company and invitations for me to speak at engagements all over the globe.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m a nut, claiming that you can make money while giving away content for FREE. But… that’s exactly what I’m saying. If you don’t think that’s possible, feel free to keep doing it your way.

The idea is that the knowledge you provide for free positions you as an authority. Your competitors aren’t making any noise; they’re sitting in their office slamming their heads against a wall, searching for a golden goose. I’ve got news… YOU’RE THE GOOSE!

That’s why I’ve made sharing my knowledge a priority.

There’s more than enough business to go around and training others in what I’m passionate about, watching them put my strategies and tactics into play for their own business and start seeing the success they thought they’d never have... that’s how I gauge MY success.

Whether you’re facing slim margins or just had the most profitable quarter of your career, there’s always work to be done, improvements to be made and glass ceilings to shatter. That’s where I come in...

While I LOVE marketing, enough so that I consider developing layered advertising strategies a hobby, my PASSION is teaching; sharing my knowledge, mistakes and all, with others in order to help them grow. That’s why I speak at events, host seminars and workshops and it’s why I’ve developed dozens of online and in-person trainings that aim at helping businesses at all levels.

Here’s why you should do it...

Your knowledge, your experience and your personality are what can propel the sales you’ve been watching steadily diminish quarter after quarter. Building your authority level through showing the world what you know and creating trust through engaging with your audience is the answer.

Or at least it’s my answer; my methods may be outlandish but… they work. Pure and simple.

It’s about finding your passion and capitalizing on it.

From walking into BDCs and going over lead handling best practices for varying customer personality types to teaching internal marketing teams how to promote a business from the ground up (and everything in between- seriously, check out my list of trainings), I teach individuals how to succeed; for themselves, for their careers and companies and for their futures.

Question is, are you ready to make some noise with me?

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