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The best way to get to know someone is to learn a bit about their roots…

Being an entrepreneur, I’m a self-employed risk taker, rain-maker, promoter, thinker, proprietor, problem solver... being a business owner is in my blood. My father owned his own businesses while I was growing up in Memphis, T.N. and I spent years watching and working with him. I studied the way he interacted with both customers & employees, absorbing how he managed his vendors, structured pay plans and how he struggled with sales and marketing.

I soon realized sales and marketing is where the majority of business owners waste money, lose market share and worry the most. Business owners generally never feel confident in these two sectors of their business— and rightfully so. There are so many options and vendors touting they're the best choice.

It was there where I fell in love with the idea of helping business owners, but it was also the place where I realized there were many improvements needed in the way sales and marketing strategies should be created and measured.

I spent the next 20 years working with countless companies devoting myself to working on all things marketing, sales, lead handling, social media and consumer behavior because I saw a way in which these various components should be dependent on each other in order to optimize the modern shopper experience and drive brand awareness, sales, profits and repeat business.

In 2003, I disrupted the industry by starting my own advertising agency with only $6,700 in savings and 3 employees, counting myself. I made a TON of noise in a completely different way than my competitors. I focused on building a name for our agency with video, photography and storytelling. It wasn’t long before I was standing in front of crowds of thousands of business owners and my peers at events like National Auto Dealers Association, JD Power Summits, Innovative Marketing Alliance, Driving Sales & Digital Dealer conferences, even consulting the Danish Government in Denmark, as well as consulting Toyota Canada and Lexus to name a few; sharing our strategies for sales creation and generating tens of millions of dollars in sales for our clients across the world (Bold claim, I know, but google my name since the internet will not lie). Fast forward to today and we are around 50 employees and the original $6,700 has multiplied nicely. You can read, watch and listen to us weekly on Forbes and iHeart Radios’ The Paul Potratz Show.

While I love marketing and building profitable brands so much, you will find me building personal hobby businesses in my spare time and then selling them. My passion is working with business owners; sharing my knowledge, mistakes and all, with others in order to help them grow by spending LESS and selling MORE with Video, Photography and Storytelling… There’s an art to building followers and selling to them without them realizing you just sold them on why you are the best choice.

That’s why we’ve become an exclusive consultant for all types of business. Whether it’s providing solutions to failing campaigns or developing blueprints for successful social media strategies that cost very little to generate sales, I take my clients goals and provide insights that drive leads, increase ROI and — of course — generate sales with a focus on being different than your competitors. The answer to bigger sales and profits is not to spend more but to be wise to what your ideal shopper feels, needs, wants and desires. Contact me if you feel like your business is not growing like it should.

Whether you’re facing slim margins or just had the most profitable quarter of your career, there’s always work to be done, improvements to be made and glass ceilings to shatter. That’s where I come in...

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