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The best way to get to know someone is to learn a bit about their roots…

The automotive industry is in my blood— my father ran Charlie Bradshaw Chevrolet in Memphis, T.N. and I spent years watching him; from the way he interacted with both customers & employees, to how he managed his BDC, structured his pay plans— all of it. I even dressed like a little car salesman, sticking out like a sore thumb on the playground in a three piece suit.

It was there where I fell in love with this industry, but it was also the place where I realized there were many improvements needed in the way selling cars had historically been done.

I spent the next 20 years devoting myself to learning all things digital marketing, sales, lead handling and social media because I saw a way in which these various components could be married in order to optimize the modern car sales approach.

In 2003, I disrupted the industry by starting my own automotive advertising agency. I made a TON of noise and it wasn’t long before I was up in front of crowds of thousands of dealers and my peers at events like ARCanada, Innovative Dealer Summit, Driving Sales & Digital Dealer to name a few; sharing my strategies for sales creation and generating countless clients for my agency.

While I love marketing, enough so that I consider developing layered advertising strategies a hobby, my passion is teaching; sharing my knowledge, mistakes and all, with others in order to help them grow by spending LESS and selling MORE.

That’s why I’ve become an exclusive consultant for dealers across the nation. Whether it’s auditing $80,000 Google campaigns for massive dealer groups and providing solutions to failing campaigns or developing outlines for successful organic social media strategies that don’t cost a dime to run, I take my clients goals and provide insights that drive leads, increase ROI and — of course — generate car sales.

Whether you’re facing slim margins or just had the most profitable quarter of your career, there’s always work to be done, improvements to be made and glass ceilings to shatter. That’s where I come in...

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