Paul Potratz will show you how to become a Chief Engagement Officer and attain celebrity status in your industry through social video curation. This program will be launching soon so sign up to be notified when its launched. 

So you want to become a Chief Engagement Officer? First it’s important to understand what you’re building and why your business needs it in the first place.

POTRATZ has transformed hundreds of Business Owners into Chief Engagements Officers using a strategy that we have tested and perfected over the last 15 years. Are you ready to build your following?

First things first, we need to understand what  POTRATZ is going to build for you. Your future social following needs to be thought at as a community or “tribe”. An strong community is one that engages each other to create positive change. One of the most important keys to becoming a CEO is strong communication. A community that can openly communicate with you and one another, whether its from you to your audience or your audience to each other, is one that tends to grow quickly and organically.

Why are transforming you to a Chief Engagement Officer? Because you don’t need to look any further than one great example of a successful online community of brand enthusiasts. These loyal followers will practically sell your products and services for you if they’re cultivated and cared for the right way.

 It’s important to understand your future audience. If your fans follow you because you post on politics then your fans will want to see and absorb political content. If one day you start posting on sports this will confuse your audience. Sticking with this simple formula allows your followers to know what to expect, which decreases the chance of them “disliking” their page due to distracting content.

POTRATZ will figure out what your audience wants and help you deliver consistent, quality content to them and in return they will interact and help deliver your message. Congrats on starting your Journey to becoming a Chief Engagement Officer!