Do You Have The Right Geographic Radius in Google Adwords?

You Might Be Wasting Money or Not Spending Enough In The Right Areas!

In your Adwords account you can see what it’s costing you to attract customers/clients from various geographic areas. If your campaigns aren’t set up properly– you could be spending a lot of money in a market that is yielding no results!

The Report Below is a Distance Report and Can Provide These Answers and More!
You Can Access this Report in Your Google Analytics and You Should Ask to See It.

Distance Report

Distance Report

Do You Know?

  • What’s the optimal radius around your location to find customers / clients in Adwords?
  • What’s it costing you to advertise 5, 10, 15, 20, 30+ miles away and how far is too far?
  • Where are your potential customers physically located and can you even conquest them from competitors?

It may make sense to narrow the radius and focus on your own market where cost per conversion is lower.

What if your own market is yielding little results… but another market is performing well?

A Great Google Adword strategy is just that… a strategy!
So your vendors SHOULD be able to come up with a new strategy that reaches your target location best.

In today’s marketplace there are a lot of PPC vendors automating
everything and you have to be skilled with the questions to ask
to ensure your money is being spent wisely!

So Ask The Question:

“Please Show Me My Distance Report of Google Ads”

If they are confused and can’t show you the report above
then call me on my mobile 518-788-4724.