How To Get Paid Speaking Engagements – Paul Potratz

How To Get Paid Speaking Engagements

Speaking as businesses, events, or conferences help others in your industry recognize you as the authority you are. This training walks you through the steps of curating speaking content, what platforms to promote yourself on, and exactly how to go about getting featured speaking opportunities.

Topics include:
Answering the phone professionally
Positive, effective use of language over the phone
Utilizing the transfer and hold buttons
Engaging with customers

Skills covered in this module.

Customer Service, Phone Etiquette, Phone Sales, Telephone Skills,

Dave Dariano | Metro Ford | Testimonial
We didn’t want to spend a lot of money because we knew it was going to be a tough month but Paul brought new things that we would never think of… it’s helping us keep our cost down.
Dave Dariano | Metro Ford, Schenectady New York

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