Learn How To Turn Ideas Into Products

Do you have a product that you’re working on? Filip is the guy that can help your idea become a reality. Filip works with Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners that are already selling retail, either online or a store front and are either looking to supplement their service based business with a product or looking to expand on their existing product line or launch their own product.


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Knowledge Bombs:

  • Test your ideas really quickly against the market and see how your audience responds
  • Realize the “PAIN POINTS” that your product is solving
  • As an Entrepreneur its on you to hire to right people
  • Don’t get caught up in the details of your product being perfect before testing the market
  • ANYONE can take a physical product to market
  • Your best bet to get started with funding is by Friends and Family

In This Podcast We Discuss:

  • Getting Ideas
  • Brainstorming
  • Creating Prototypes
  • Patents
  • Design
  • Funding
  • Making The Product
  • Marketing The Product
  • Selling The Product
  • Shipping The Product

How To Get On Shark Tank:

  • You have to play both sides of the show
  • There are two rounds to get on the show
  • Round 1 is with the production crew. Keep in mind they sell tv and ad time so they wanna see if the camera likes you and if your story is compelling. They want to see how you sell yourself and product and most importantly, will people tune in to see you?
  • Round 2 is about the financials and the pitch. If you get past round 1, Shark Tank helps you craft your pitch so you’re not going in blind. Once you get past both rounds, you’re in and then there will be a full day of prep before going on the show.


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