How To Get More Traffic And Leads

“One-click Lindsey” answers your questions about how to get more traffic and leads for your business.


Lindsey’s Favorite Quote:

“Just do it.”

Knowledge Bombs:

  • Not all traffic is created equal.
  • You must be consistent.
  • Facebook Live is here to stay
  • Email marketing is so powerful
  • It’s a long game, but a profitable game, when executed correctly.

In This Podcast We Discuss:

  • Creating quality traffic
  • Where to drive the people that click on your ad
  • Google AMP pages
  • SEO and content marketing
  • How having forms on every page can hurt you
  • Writing high-quality, good content
  • Comparing content marketing to sales people
  • Branding with video and Facebook Live
  • Facebook’s new algorithms
  • Male vs. Female videos
  • Using CTA’s in videos
  • How to get more engagement on Facebook
  • Obtaining top-of-mind awareness
  • Email marketing techniques
  • Subject lines and headlines
  • How to avoid your emails going to spam
  • Stock photography vs custom
  • What tools to have on your website
  • How to blog

Lindsey’s Suggested Readings:

  • Decide: The Ultimate Success Trigger by Jim Palmer


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