Do You Need A Blog Site?

Kellen Kautzman, owner of “Send It Rising Internet Marketing” in Las Vegas talks with Paul Potratz about how blogging can increase results for you and your business!


Kellen’s Favorite Quote:

    “Our greatness weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another”

Knowledge Bombs:

  • The infrastructure of your website grows when you create blog content
  • The size of a website is like the size of a house the increase square footage increases the value
  • Get addicted to your website analytics like you do Facebook
  • The culture of sharing content is more prominent on Pinterest than Facebook
  • A blog site should be a resource

In This Podcast We Discuss:

  • Blog to Increase Awareness and Leads
  • Blogging Ideas
  • Video Blogging
  • Blogging Frequency
  • Website Analytics
  • Pinterest
  • Back Links
  • Tumblr
  • Video Platforms

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