How To Be A Sales Superstar

Mark Tewart is a sales expert, professional speaker, consultant, entrepreneur and author of the the best selling book, “How To Be A Sales Superstar”. Today Mark and I discuss how the word “sales” is not a dirty word and if you are going to succeed as an Entrepreneur, then you have to be able to sell!


Knowledge Bombs:

  • “Regardless of your position you need to understand Sales”

  • “The root of the word “SELL” means to “SERVE””

  • “You have to be able to sell it to be able to deliver on it”

  • “The only reason we purchase something is to fix a problem”

  • “Nothing really happens until you sell something”

  • “Sales is not a dirty word”

  • “Everybody is in Sales, we’re all selling something”

  • “If your the Entrepreneur, you are the head salesperson”

  • “To be brilliant you have to be resilient”

  • “The worst thing you can be is a robot”

  • “Put yourself into a position to be lucky more often “

In This Podcast We Discuss:

  • Fixing Your Mindset Towards Sales
  • You have to be Resilient
  • Educate Yourself Every Single day on:
  • 1. Sales Skills
    2. People Skills
    3. Life Skills
    4. Marketing Skills

  • Have a gameplan, don’t wing it
  • Working on the business and not in the business


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