How To Build A Great Company Culture

Michael B. Ross, successful business owner and entrepreneur with Mainstream Life Solutions talks with Paul Potratz about how building a great company culture increases productivity, market share and higher profits!


Michael’s Favorite Quote:

    “Work hard at your job and you can make a living. Work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Knowledge Bombs:

  • Only 15% of CEO’s say their culture is where they want it to be
  • 46% of employees say that they routinely receive confusing messages from leadership
  • Get your philosophy down on paper
  • Use your vision for the company as your corrective tool
  • 93% of leaders have an obscure vision or none at all
  • Millennials are mission and value driven
  • The average Millennial will work two hours of their own time if they believe in what you’re doing as an organization
  • Don’t make a big deal out of a small deal
  • Organization communication comes down to trust
  • Leaders are responsible for the culture
  • 75% of people who quit their job say they quit their boss not the job
  • Not having company values kill productivity
  • Respect has a much higher market value than disrespect
  • Kindness has a much higher market value than rudeness
  • Great customer service or someone living values will increases market value
  • When interviewing make sure to ask a ton of questions around your company’s values
  • Trying to force new team members to fit your culture is a terrible decision
  • It’s easier teaching new team members skills than values
  • Values more than anything else connects us to people
  • The problem with most organizations is that they are not clear on communicating their values
  • Authentically living your values is key to having a great culture
  • Water cooler talk is what happens when trust is broken with the organizational leaders
  • The actual company culture is what is said behind the scenes

In This Podcast We Discuss:

  • Organizational communication strategy
  • How to communicate your values to your organization
  • Being authentic and living your companies values
  • Hiring new team members with your values
  • How to communicate the value of values
  • How values increase market value
  • Values increase productivity
  • How to inspire Millennials
  • Casting your companies vision
  • Keeping your team energized
  • Ghost Writers
  • Measuring Results
  • Team Retention

Michael’s Suggested Readings:

  • “Platos Republic” – Simon Blackburn
  • “Seasons of Life” – Jim Rohn
  • “The 360 Degree Leader” – Jogn Maxwell
  • “Overcoming the Character Deficit” – Michael B. Ross
  • “Cultural Remodel” – Michael B. Ross


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