Video Testimonials For Less Than $100 In Gear

Equipment In This Video:
LuMee Cell Phone Case:
Movo Video Microphone:
Metal Phone Tripod Mount:
Total Gear: $93.97

Hard Facts with Samantha C. Zawilinski:
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Wasting tons of energy and funds gearing up for making testimonial videos is just that- A WASTE. You don’t need a video team or even a lone videographer to create top-quality, high performing customer testimonials. All it takes is utilizing the thing that’s on you, most likely, at all times. Your smart phone! Testimonials are one of the rare segments of your video content that performs better the simpler it is. Building a set and lugging out the big lights and cameras for someone to tell an honest account of their positive experience LOOKS FAKE! There aren’t many opportunities to drastically cut costs and create better content, but this is one of them- so take full advantage. Get your phone out, and just ask! Ask a customer if they’re willing to give you their testimonial; you don’t need to draw up contracts and get signatures. Get the verbal and start shooting; make sure you grab a name in case you choose to tag them when posting your video online. There are two things necessary to your impromptu testimonial shoots besides your trusty telephone; good lighting and quality audio. While those things aren’t necessarily synonymous with smartphone capabilities, they are entirely possible. Without good audio, there’s no point in trying to record the customer’s experience and without good lighting, your video won’t seems worth watching. Lucky for us, there are tons of reasonable lighting options out there that can attach directly to your phone, and plenty of microphones available that get great sound without breaking the bank. We’ve included links for the microphone and lighting we’re using below the video, and it all cost less than $100! The final and arguably most important aspect of taking a great testimonial video is the story. Don’t make the testimonial be about you, only ask questions that revolve around the customer, like if they’re happy with their purchase; because it’s their experience that makes it. You’ll be left with quality social content that provides positive impressions of your business. The great thing is that once you’re done with your video, you can upload it to all of your pages and the equipment you purchased can be used over and over for other promotional videos, like Facebook or Instagram live videos. Watch the video and learn Paul’s 5 tips for shooting quality customer testimonials for less!